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Signal Orange:
Pantone 021
RGB: R:252 G:83 B:19
CMYK: C:0 M:82 Y:100 K:0
Hex: FC5313

Asphalt Grey:
Pantone Cool Grey 11 C
RGB: R:83 G:86 B:90
CMYK C:66 M:57 Y:52 K:29
Hex: 53565A

Concrete Grey
Pantone 422 C
RGB: R:158 G:154 B:154
CMYK: C:41 M:35 Y:35 K:1
Hex: 9E9A9A

Secondary colors

Rich Black
Pantone Process Black C
RGB: R:16 G:16 B:16
CMYK: C:38 M:32 Y:73 K:82
Hex: 000000

Cold Gray
Pantone 5435 C
RGB: R:184 G:165 B:197
CMYK: C:28 M:16 Y:18 K:0
Hex: BAC4C6

Sky Blue
Pantone 306 C
RGB: R:0 G:192 B:247
CMYK: C:72 M:0 Y:0 K:0
Hex: 00C0F7

Storm Blue
Pantone 5405 C
RGB: R:62 G:99 B:115
CMYK: C:79 M:52 Y:42 K:17
Hex: 3E6373

Sprout Green
Pantone 375 C
RGB: R:157 G:231 B:35
CMYK: C:41 M:0 Y:95 K:0
Hex: 9DE741

Fir Green
Pantone 357 C
RGB: R:0 G:62 B:0
CMYK: C:100 M:42 Y:97 K:55
Hex: 003E00


For all text, DRIVELAB uses the typeface DIN. It is a distinct typeface that communicates well on print, signage and digital formats.

Logo use

The logo can relate to an egde, like a tag, or be placed free floating on a surface. if placed like a tag keep minimum edge distance of 0.5X.

Tag placement
Place one edge of the logo on the edge of an object or surface.

Free placement
Place the logo freely on an object or surface. keep half a short side distance from the edge or other objects.